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You are a successful franchise buyer (franchisee) or a franchise seller/developer (franchisor). But let us understand that physical acquisitions also need a lot of digital acquisition because all your audience is on the world wide web. So, to bag the interest of your audience on the Internet, Internet networking is ubiquitous.

Internet networking or Digital Marketing includes but is not limited to social media marketing, website content, webinars, digital events, and forum posting. Most significantly, for your website to gain traction from search engines, you need authority signals that you can achieve through sponsored franchise content.

1. Understanding Sponsored Franchise Content

Simply put, Sponsored Franchise Content marketing entails sponsoring an article on a third-party website of your industry. You can do so by directly contributing an article written by your freelance writer or full-time in-house writer, or you can avoid all that anxiety of editorial issues and simply approach a website paying them in full for writing and publishing an article in the best interest of your organization. Whether for just publishing a post or writing and publishing a post, there is a cost involved. At FranchiseROI.com, our charges are industry standard, and the editorial process is competitive to ensure quality content standardization. Please email us for a quote.

2. Benefits of Sponsored Franchise Content Marketing

  • Access Differentiated Audience

It’s critical to expose your brand to new audiences. As more people become aware of your franchise, they are more likely to approach you as a franchisee or customer. Both are fantastic! Consider erecting a billboard in a new location.

  • Build New Segmented Traffic

Generally, when you sponsor an article, the publisher will allow you to include a link to your website. As more people read that article, the more likely it is that those readers will click through to your website. Given that you are not paying for clicks, this is an extremely efficient method of driving traffic.

  • Acquire Backlinks for Website Authority

Depending on the publisher, links from their website to yours are a very strong indicator to Google that you are a trustworthy institution. For instance, if you guest post for the New York Times, Google trusts the NY Times to publish only high-quality content. As a result, they’re going to give you credit for your website. This could eventually result in your franchise rocketing up the organic rankings.

  • Be Everywhere, Build Credibility

As you engage in various discussions with potential partners, being featured on other websites provides an excellent source of credibility. It’s not difficult to envision a world in which you’re selling a franchise, and you tell the prospective buyer, “We were recently featured in the Wall Street Journal.”

  • Develop your Personal Brand

I’m putting this one last because it involves an ulterior motive, but guest posts are frequently attributed to individuals rather than businesses. Thus, if you are credited with the guest post, you gain some personal credibility that you would not otherwise have, as the Wall Street Journal is unlikely to publish your personal op/ed. For instance, if you are sponsoring a recruitment post, you could cite how working with your brand is a rewarding experience.

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